Mau Mau

by Dope Calypso



Dope Calypso's 3rd album


released November 25, 2016

Recorded by Bruno Barcella and Alessio Lonat at T.U.P. Studio, Brescia, Italy
Mixed by Bruno Barcella
Mastering by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Artwork by Aron Elekes

All songs written by Dope Calypso.

Laszlo Kelemen - guitar
Miklos Sarkadi - guitar
Vasalo - drums

Additional vocals by Alessio Lonati on The Savior is Near

Record Label:
Jesus Lives. Moses Invests.


all rights reserved



Dope Calypso Budapest, Hungary

Releasing 4 albums in 4 years? Having no bass in the band, only 2 guitars and drums? No songs below 190 bmp? That’s exactly Dope Calypso. A band which claims their music is like if the The Buzzcocks played Pixies. You can call it alternative rock, as well. ... more

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Track Name: The Savior Is Near
The Savior is near
I do not fear

Ray of morning
Keeps the way clear

None is worthy
Of your mercy
I fall upon my
Knees and sing
Sing the sweet songs
For Lord Jesus
Track Name: The Big Boy With The Small River Name
Did he come from a whole different world
To stalk the nights with his fat fingers curled
Sins came with you, since we knew, that you came
The big boy with a small river name

Some wants romance, and some wanna fight
How the hell do the folks come to his height
Whores came with you, or we dream, that you came
The big boy with a small river name

Suburbs Adios
Track Name: Caspian Sea Surfin
We are walking on the streets
Tiny monsters all around
It's the summer of the damneds
There's no comfort to be found
All is dull, and we are glued
Can't find a girl to tame the mood
Can't find a job tame the will
to act, can't buy a cheap thrill
And then
I just ask myself:
“Is it something (that) I had done? ”
"No, no, baby
I did not hurt anyone “

(There are) no highways or byways
(Cant't) fill the hours, to kill the days
We are surfing pretend waves,
As those smiling, toiling
I just ask myself:
“Is it something (that) I can do? ”
"No, no, baby
You can't be soldier and sailor too “
Track Name: Bang Bang
Young sea (is) never still
I wanna hurt someone else
Lonesome tears
For a heart (that) never melts

Bang Bang Bang

Atop the atolls
Cuts go deeper each time
(I've) been waiting (for) you since
My crime covered your crime

Bang Bang Bang

Let me inhale
Your silver lipstick
I'll petrify
Midst haughty pearls
I Obey

Bang Bang Bang
Track Name: Vanilla
Venom on your lips
My total eclipse
what a smell

Elle c'est lassez

Will you be my anchor
Who ties me up, and I thank her
Cures the pain, the hanker
what a spell

Elle c'est lassez
Track Name: Surf Nazis Must Die
Beaches are battlefields
Waves are a warzone
Surfer Reich just begins
You face this world all alone

Rude girls rude girls gonna love it

Beaches are killing fields
The babies have wolf tusk
Twighlight sun splits the waves
There's no dawn and no dusk

„It's never too late Subotai”
Track Name: St John's Day
And there were many birds of many pastures
And it was summer, and our heart beat faster

And all the dead trees looked like heavenly barks
And we were playing tags like cute little sharks

(As) midsummer flowers
Picked by the river
Calling it love
And it's just the shiver
Track Name: Leisure Parts
I'll sail far away
A little tuna, tuna
Gold sparkle'll spray
Under the luna, luna
Sea robber ships join
Until the day’s end
By to your peppermint lips
It's time to pretend

It's tearing me apart
Carrying your lonely heart
I want my leisure part
I want my leisure part

I wanna live like wolves
I wanna lick my balls
I want my leisure part
I want my leisure part
Track Name: Killing In My Name
Kiling in my name

I'm a killer whale
My heart is tattered, my heart is tattered
It's aint a fairytale
If your world is shattered, your world is shattered
Wondering how long
I'm gonna carry the silence, carry the silence
Dark surrounds me
And dumb shriek of sirens, shriek of sirens

Killing in my name

The Antemusan cliff
Roars in the distance , roars in the distence
I sailed the seven seas
Without persistence, without persistence
Like conjoined twins
Girl at the same time, boy at the same time
Killing in my name
Was my only big crime, was my only big crime
Track Name: Dolores
Evil smiles under the sun
Serpent eats my heart away
Those sthupid things that I've done for you
And all my life just slips away

Kissing the sun
Is allright
Kissing Dolores
Is allright

And the curse will interact
Rubbing eyes when acid hits
And in the best sense of the world for us
Love will shine through all the mist
Track Name: So Long Summer Ray
So long, summer ray.

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